About Us

Meet the Electronics123 team Elvis, Cornelius, Beatrix and Jaco. The Electronics123 team is passionate about: Electronics, Computers, Software, Tools, Mechanics, Robotics and almost anything technical.

Together we have built up Electronics123 Retail Store CC a profitable and reputable company and well known to electronic hobbyists and electronic tutors in south Africa. We thank all our valued customers and suppliers for the many years of support and service.

We have gained a lot of experience during the many years working at Electronics123 and believe there will be many more years to come.


My dad started a business Archimedes Products and manufacture chemical experimenter sets for children. One of his subjects at “Tegnikon Pretoria” was electronics he realized that electronics will become the next revolution and changed his products to electronic building kits for children and hobbyist. This is the home me and my 3 brothers grew up in and today 3 of us Johan Steve and Me are all having our own businesses in Electronics called Electronics123. You can vist there web sites called electronics123.com (Johan), electronics123.co.nz (Steve) and electronics123.co.za (Jaco)