Intrusion Alarm Part 1

Intrusion Alarm Part 1

In this workshop we first test the circuit on breadbord.

The proses of building is broken into three stages and each stage get tested before moving on. This is what make this workshop so interesting is that when faced with a difficult task it can more easily be accomplished by breaking it in to stages.

I will also explain to the student how the electronic components work to get the different electronic functions. This is a great workshop to learn more about alarm systems.

I present this workshop at Electronics123 in Waverley Pretoria.

To book for a workshop contact Jaco Smit my contact details is listed under contact us in the header section of our web site

The cost of this workshop is R399 and the duration is 4-5 hours.


Electronic Workstation Workshop

Electronic Workstation Workshop

Electronic Workstation Workshop 

In this workshop an electronic workstation is build. This workstation will enable us to test numerous electronic circuits. After the workstation is assembled in this workshop we also test our first circuit a 555 OSCILLATOR WITH LDR. 

We already have 18 more circuits that can be tested on this workstation and Electronics123 will make the components available for these circuits on a weekly basis. The next circuit we will be testing is a 12 VOLT CAR BATTERY CHECKER. 

To book for this workshop contact

Electronic Workstation Workshop Cost is R749. All ages are welcome.

Flash light workshop

Excellent news for all my students. We have a new workshop. In this workshop, you build a flash light. The flash light incorporates a 40 000 mcd white led which is power by 3 AA batteries. All our workshops are very hands on and there for I only take 1 or 2 students at a time. Do not miss out on this opportunity to up your DIY skills.

For bookings contact Jaco Smit. e-mail: The cost for this workshop is R349 and the duration is 4-5 hours.

Stripboard project audible beeper workshop

In this workshop the leaner will get introduced to stripboard. Stripboard is used to build a more permanent circuit witch can then be used in the field.

The circuit is build around the very popular 555 time IC gaining experience in using the 555 IC is also a must for any beginner in electronics.  

This workshop will take 2-3 hours to complete.

All our workshops are presented at our store in Waverley Pretoria.

To book for a workshops e-mail

Cost: R299


Transistor Flip-Flop Workshop

Transistor Flip-Flop Workshop

Transistor Flip-Flop Workshop

This workshop is currently presented at Electronics123 and are open for all ages. Do not miss out on this opportunity to get an introduction into electronic circuit building on pcb (printed circuit board).

NEW to this workshop! I have added building the circuit on breadbord first this will give the learner a introduction to prototyping on breadbord witch is a impotent skill for beginners in electronics.

Download a pdf document on this workshop here: Transistor flip flop workshop

For the successful completion of the workshop you will need to master the following skills:

  • Accurate drilling of 0.8mm holes
  • Accurate drawing of artwork for electrical tracks on the pcb
  • Etching of pcb.
  • Correct placement of components on pcb
  • Soldering of thru hole components
  • Fault finding

Total cost R399 per person. Please e-mail  to confirm next presentation.